06 April 2010

Super-Minimalism: Michael Myers' DC Comics CHARACTER POSTERS

Take a look back at Albert Exergian's retro retakes of popular television shows and Ibraheem Yousseff's similarly styled movie poster art, and we think you'll agree that freelance illustrator Michael MyersDC Comics Character Posters accomplish for superheroes what the others achieved for pop media: in other words, they make them simple. 

Minimalism continues to be a growing trend in graphic design, and Myers uses the approach to portray DC's heroic pantheon with colorful geometry. [See also blog: Superheroes Done Art Deco - here.] He doesn't stray as far into minimalism as Exergian, although he could have easily; the symbols worn by Batman, Superman, and their well-known friends have become interchangeable with the characters they represent. To that extent,  even the most complex superheroes embody aspects of - and draw power from - the minimal, their core concepts at once understandable and attractive. 

To his credit, we think Myers' designs succeed because they're not super-minimal; Superman's "S" is iconic and representative, but it's also a logo. Instead, like Yousseff, Myers' portraits incorporate minimalism's core with just enough of the subjects' emotive qualities to capture their meaning as well as their identity. 

Our brief artistic analysis proves that yes, they are indeed the Character Posters they purport to be. Good show, Myers, good show. 

Long blog short: six seriously awesome and well-described superheroes by Mike Myers, each a work of art with retro-sensibility and vintage flair that's suitable to frame. Image Kind is where you'll find them, in sizes petite to massive and with price tags to match.  The wall space-challenged should know that Myers' DC Character Posters are available as greeting cards, too!  We'll be ordering a few dozen Green Lantern's to use as invites for the RAP (Ryan Reynolds Appreciation Party) this summer. Chances are you won't find your name on our guest list, so go on with your bad self and get your own Myers' original HERE. 

Dabbler Dalliance: Superman - for sure. Batman - most definitely. Green Lantern - getting big! But it's not often you'll find DC's winged wonder, Hawkman, anywhere, much less rendered in all his minimal glory. Plus, he's just cool. Of the six, Hawkman is by far Myers' most original, and it's a definite must-have for any Hawk fan. 

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