17 April 2010

QuoteA: Real American Hero LARRY HAMA (1/3) plus All The News on COBRA-Con 2010

    Photo by Seth Kushner, 2010 [via]

Larry Hama turns 61 in June, and it's a birthday we're sure he'll long associate with the next chapter of his storied career. A writer, artist, actor, editor, musician and veteran, Hama simply considers himself a 'drawer' -- to him, even the writing that's occupied so much of his time for the last thirty years is simply 'drawing with words.' [source]

The words Hama's drawn  have literally shaped an enormous part of the pop cultural landscape, not to mention the imaginations of countless boys who grew up reading or playing with GI JOE: A Real American Hero.  Hasbro relaunched their GI JOE toys with A Real American Hero in 1982 as well as a comic book of the same name published by Marvel Comics to support the new line.  Needing work at the time, Hama agreed to write the toy-inspired series, accepting a job other writers had turned down, considering GI JOE  to be a 'dead-end'. 

But Hama treated the series and its characters with respect,  and the result is now comics history: Marvel's GI JOE: A Real American Hero continued for fourteen consecutive years, with 155 issues of the core title published between 1982 and 1994. During his long run, Hama became GI JOE's virtual commander-in-chief; aside from his comics duties, Hama is responsible for writing the dossiers Hasbro included with every one of their 3 3/4" action figures.

GI JOE's been in the hands of four different publishers since its Marvel days, and, to one degree or another, Hama's been on-scene for each one; the producers of 2009's GI JOE: The Rise of COBRA even brought him aboard as a consultant.  This year, after nearly three decades of forging the fate of GI JOE and their serpentine COBRA foes, Hama's coming back to the JOES in a big way -- and we'll show you just HOW big in next week's Larry Hama, Part II
While he's been quoted on GI JOE numerous times, we especially enjoyed the personal anecdotes Larry Hama shared with Christopher Irving, when he interviewed Hama back in January. You'll find Irving's incredible hour with Larry Hama [here]; while quotA has our favorite insight from the comics writer below...
GI JOE fandom is a phenomenon that spreads across three generations and encompasses over forty years. But GI JOE's truly phenomenal trait is its appeal to comic book collectors, toy collectors, military enthusiasts, animation fans, and movie fans alike. While some pull double-duty as enthusiasts of all things GI JOE, many do not; but once a year, those separate units converge as one army to attend Hasbro's G.I. JOE Collectors’ Convention.

Known as GI JOE Con, the annual event draws thousands of fans and collectors of all ages, while inspiring other smaller, regional conventions across the country and even a Canadian counterpart. This year's JOE Con is just days away --the rallying cry "Yo, JOE!" will be heard throughout the city of Providence, Rhode Island  from 29 April - 02 MayWanna Go? Check out the official GI JOE Con website [here] and download a Registration Form [here].

Official announcements of Convention guests - including comics scribe Larry Hama - and of  several awesome and exclusive GI JOE toys and comics available only on-site have been pumping up JOE fandom for months. Even COBRA, the world terrorist organization bent on global domination, jumped in to the fray in February, releasing both a promotional video and a public statement to encourage fans to attend their own convention, COBRA-Con, to be held concurrently with GI JOE Con! Outrageous! Plus, we hear that Cobra Commander himself  has promised an even better time than the competition. 

Dabblers, what to do?  Our end-of-the-month plans have become quite a toss-up now. Do you have the same problem? To help us all decide, we've got everything COBRA has to say below. Hope it helps!

Cobra announces CobraCon 2010 in Providence, Rhode Island

Cobra Island – February 26, 2010 – Today, Cobra Commander has announced that Cobracon 2010 will be held at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island from April 29th to May 2nd. Cobra wants to make sure that the fans of Cobra do not confuse this show with GIJoecon 2010, also being held in Providence, Rhode Island from April 29th to May 2nd. No, CobraCon will be FAR more exciting!!!

Unlike last year's convention (apologies again for the unexpected exposure of mind control gas at the Saturday Night Dinner event), this year's CobraCon promises a smooth and relatively danger-free show, complete with a special appearance by Black Major and his trusty comrades, the Red Shadows. Along with special guests, art contests, an invasion of Hasbro's headquarters, panels and seminars featuring Hasbro and other Cobra loyalists and supporters, this year's convention is THE show to attend!

So what are you waiting for! Just head on over to our convention site now - www.CobraCon.com - and sign up for the Cobra event of a lifetime. NOW! Cobraaaaaaaaaaa!
For over 25 years, Cobra has been the leading international criminal organization, offering the whole of humanity the finest in criminal espionage, homicidal clones, doomsday scenarios and an alternative to the decadent and foolish governance of so-called 'democracy.' Located on Cobra Island and any number of small towns near you, Cobra reaches more people than any rival organization; with attacks on G.I. Joe and the many countries they help defend such as Japan, United States, Great Britain, Brazil, Australia and Canada. For more information visit our convention site. To view our competitors site (which we recently "acquired") visit www.gijoeclub.com. Comments? Please direct email to Tomax.

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