06 April 2010

TRUE BLOOD's NEW INITIALS: IDW Publishing Launches Companion Series In July

HBO's True Blood has taken a supernatural bite out of the ratings, and the cable network's already launched into a clever advertising campaign for the series' third season, coming in June. (You'll find the first wry pair of posters below.) It seems a tad early, but True's popularity has given the show the means to  stake out  new territory. Anna Paquin fans, please pardon our pun, and get ready to go batty! Why?

Because HBO announced at last weekend's Wonder Con that True Blood creator Alan Ball and show writers Elisabeth Finch and Kate Barnow have teamed with IDW Publishing to launch an original True Blood comic book series, set to debut this at Comic Con in July! You betcha -  Sookie, Bill, Jason, Tara, everybody's favorite flamboyant  drug dealer Lafayette, and the rest of the backwater bunch come to comics this summer, bringing with them  the same erotically-charged romance (is there any other kind??), wry humor and scary-ass intrigue you'd find  on premium pay TV. 

Considered to be an official companion to its  live-action namesake, the first six-issue monthly series will be overseen by the True Blood creative lot. But the comics professionals at IDW will be doing the actual work: True Blood #1 will be co-written by David Tischman and Mariah Huehner, while artist David Messina provides the interiors and J. Scott Campbell assists with the cover stuff. 

IDW will be offering True Blood monthly as well as digitally, providing new iPad owners with a delightfully gory read. The comic will be 32 pages at $3.99, and more info than we've dared to deliver can be found on the publisher's web page HERE.

Erotic. Graphic, even.  Not as good as 'necking'.

‘Cause Joe is a guy, not coffee. Get it?

Yup, we can think of at least one Vampire we'd LF. You?

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