11 April 2010

FOR SALE: Own A Graphic Novel Publishing Company In Los Angeles -- $300,000

Our earlier blog of the Submission Guidelines for nearly every publisher of comics and Manga out there may be shy one listing - at least for now.  But if you happen to have an extra $300,000 burning a hole in your pocket, our missing publisher could wind up being you

Business Nation is listing an unnamed “Graphic Novel/Manga” publisher that’s  currently up for sale in California.  They don't offer more information on the Los Angeles-area property beyond saying that the company, formed in 2006, has two employees and a gross of $531,268.   

If any of our business-minded developmental dabblers in the Greater Los Angeles area have more information, we'd thank you much for passing along the 4-1-1.  Business Nation's staying mum about it; you can check out exactly what they have to say [here].

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