20 April 2010

iPAD 3G Will Go On Sale One Week Ealier - 30 April 2010 @ 5pm!

Although there has been some confusion as to exactly when the 3G model of Apple's iPad will be available to the public-at-large, we feel confident to report that the Wi-Fi + 3G models will go on sale earlier than initially reported -  5pm on Friday, 30 April - at Apple's nationwide chain of over 200 retail stores. [To locate an Apple store near you, go here.

Friday the 30th of April is the same day Apple had already stated that customers who placed an early pre-order for the 3G model would receive their new tablet.  That part of Apple's plan hasn't changed; it's only the retail availability for the newest iPad model , originally set for the following week on 07 May, that's seen its calendar modified.  As of this morning, Apple's website was still displaying the May availability date, despite their more recent public announcement. Apple sold 500,000 iPads after one week of availability earlier this month. 

iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G offers super-fast data speeds up to 7.2 Mbps over 3G cellular networks around the world. The tablet also seamlessly switches between 3G and even faster Wi-Fi options, automatically providing its user with the best connection available. Apple's recent deal with AT & T will offer new iPad owners the option of a month-to-month service plan with no contract. Pricing will be based on two-tiers of data usage only, and users can sign up for the plan directly from their new piece of tablet gadgetry.

In our ever-lovin' capitalist economy, Sprint's already devised an alternative to AT & T's 36 plan for new iPad owners. Sprint's new 4G iPad Case actually comes with a 4G wireless hotspot that enables the iPad to connect to Sprint's 4G network. That means complete wireless coverage -- even in areas where 4G isn’t available, as the wireless hotspot will then connect to the internet via 3G.

As if anybody would want to admit they're connected on 3G. Puh-leeze! Thank you, Sprint, for your ingenuity and elevating us and our iPad's out of the 3G gutter.  Remarkably, Sprint even tops their own fabulousness: the iPad case is currently being offered for free  -- if you buy their Overdrive mobile hotspot ($99). The place to go for this future-forward free deal is Best Buy - and we've got the link to more info right [here].

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