28 April 2010

One Shot One Panel: Boy Wonder KELLAN LUTZ

Twenty-five year old actor Kellan Lutz  may be a future Ryan Reynolds in the making. He's got the body for it, and he's definitely a fan boy, as this paparazzi snap from last Halloween clearly attests.  

Lutz is also building quite the resume: from a small role on the Heroes Season One episode "Five Years Gone" to his much larger one as Emmett Cullen in the movies of The Twilight Saga, his affinity for the comics genre is plain to see. 

But horror is what fans will see him in next:  Lutz will be trying desperately not to go to sleep when the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street opens this Friday.  After that, the recent Calvin Klein underwear model will get the chance to bare his chest across the Silver Screen, as he'll be portraying Poseidon in the currently-filming Clash of The Titans-inspired  Immortals.

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