19 April 2010

SuperComputer X-Tra: SPRINGFIELD PUNX by Dean Fraser

Yesterday, we brought dauntless dabblers of every demographic some sweet Alan Moore flavored desktop adornment - and to rave reviews.  Thanks much to everyone who left us Back Issues telling us just how much they loved what Mustard cooked up! We're back at it again today, but this time bringing y'all some art that's a little closer to the Home Office - well, sorta.

Springfield PUNX is illustrator Dean Fraser fabulously funny ongoing web project.  A fellow Blogspot blogger, Fraser  skillfully takes characters from pop culture and 'Simpsons-izes' them.  It's a great take on comic book fan-art that he applies to a whole cast of characters, from Fight Club's Tyler Durden to Christopher Nolan's Batman crew.

(Right click to enlarge and save)
He pulled together greater comic-dom's superhero community for the group above, which we've got for you here in Supercomputing desktop wallpaper size. Mad fun stuff, especially as guys like a classic James Bond, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even the folks from Heroes have found their way into Fraser's artistic aggregate.

The trip to Fraser's Springfield blog was one of the best webcations we've had in the past, oh, 36 hours -- and we're sure you'd enjoy a quick stop to sight-see, too.  Where else besides Fox TV would you find the Dark Knight's denizens looking so Simpsons-y? Exactly. Visit Springfield PUNX right [here].

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