02 April 2010

We're Looking For A Few New Super Interns


We hope everyone had a fun and safe April Fool's.  For whatever reason, the 01 April  holiday hasn't really taken off like, say, Christmas, but that doesn't mean it we can't do our best to make it a special day.  

If you found yourself on the comicsblog yesterday, then you'll already know we did just that. The Joker joined us in the Springfield Home Office yesterday, co-hosting our blog and generally sharing an all-around good time. The only downer was that we lost three of our interns by days end, all of whom, as our lawyers told us to say, decided to "opt for an early retirement." 

Needless to say, your favorite comicsblog now has several openings on the roster - three to be exact - and we're looking to fill each of them before 01 June 2010. If you or someone you know loves comics, is currently enrolled in a college or university, and has a really, really good medical plan, get in touch with us and we'll send an application right off.  Thanks, dabblers!

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