22 April 2010

LOST? Find Your Way With These Cool TAROT CARDS

When you think about it, the Tarot and the TV show Lost just seem to go really great together. People have been reading Tarot cards at least as long as Lost's been on the air, and in all that time, most folks still couldn't tell you what either of them means.

Don't get us wrong; J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof are fanboy gods. But Lost just isn't a show that's ever rocked our socks off.  The Tarot, though, is an entirely different story;  even with counting all 72 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana, it's at once simpler and more complex a mystery than Lost could ever be. But the two do mix like Reese's Pieces, and we've gotta give it up for Alex Griendling, an obvious fan of both and the first guy we've come across who's made that connection.

Alex's customized Lost Tarot deck is pretty sweet, and we're loving the colors.  That he managed to find the archetypal in ABC's top-rated series isn't any small feat, either.  Take a walk down the comicsblog to check out a few our favorite cards, then hit the link to jump over to Alex's Flickr where you'll find the rest. Dabblers, your destiny awaits... [link]

(Click any card to enlarge)

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