06 April 2010

CAPTAIN AMERICA: The 1940's Newspaper Strip on Marvel Digital Comics

While the iPad presents a whole new set of challenges for comics, adapting them for a digital audience isn't completely new. Marvel's been turning out digitally-formatted online comics for a few years now, offering internet junkies and early adopters an alternative to the  paper monthlies with a mix of both recent titles and classic ones.  Not every  Peter Parker fan can afford the first 100 issues of The Amazing Spider-Man, but online, they're just part of the   annual dues. 

Becoming Marvel's newest digital devotee will set you back about $60/year, but the price is a bargain considering that over 5,000 different books have been digitized for online consumption. They range from the obscure (Balder The Brave - a 1985 Thor tie-in) to the popular (Dark Avengers) to the prized (Giant-Size X-Men #1, 1975), and they are many. 

Marvel also offers  exclusive online content, such as the newly-launched series, Captain America: The 1940's Newspaper Strip.  We've got a patriotic preview of the strip for you below -- not so much because you deserve it, but we thought y'all need to brush-up on your Cap history before we blog what's new with Chris Evans' First Avenger: Captain America movie later this week. Find helpful linkage at the bottom -- and remember: right-click to enlarge!
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