28 April 2010

STAR TREK Slash-Up: Bill Shatner's COMMON / PEOPLE

When we checked in with Bill Shatner one week ago this very Hump Day, a contingent of his Northern fan base was hard at work beaming the original Kirk into Canada's Governor General's office.  Today, a well-timed yet decidedly less-conservative Shatner fan succeeded at doing what few have ever done before: giving us all $@%-eating grins hours before we'd ever consider mixing our first martini. 

That fan in question is You Tuber kirkslashspock,  who skillfully edited episodes of the mid-70's Star Trek animated series to the beats of Shatner's spoken-rock cover of Pulp's Common People - and the result is pure mash-up awesome. Bill's rendition, featuring vocals by Joe Jackson,  topped the popular cuts from his 2004 album Has Been, produced by Ben Folds.  

Kirkslashspock, like his (her?) name implies, took the tune  and video edits somewhere even Shatner's mind's never ventured: into the realm of slash.  If you're not hip to slash, or "Kirk/Spock", here's Wikipedia on the subject: Almost from the beginning, fans noticed the loving nature of the relationship. A few fan writers started speculating about the possibility of a sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock. The Kirk/Spock phenomenon eventually took on a life of its own, and became one of the driving forces in Star Trek fanzines during their heyday.

Yeah, we don't get it, either. But the video - or should we say, slash-up - is  a hoot, and despite the way it sounds, no worries of work safety need enter your head. Just kick back and groove to Shatner sound, crappy Seventies animation, and a great - if not slightly twisted - imagination.
Need more slash? Visit kirkslashspock on You Tube [here].

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