09 April 2010

Bright Colors, Big City: LIZ HICKOK's SAN FRANCISCO Makes Us JELL-O

Go to bed, Bill Cosby. JELL-O's just got a lot more colorful.  And we can't remember San Francisco ever looking quite so edible. No, you won't find (much) gelatin on the racks of your local comic shop or Liz Hickok's name on the cover of a Marvel comic, but she's Creativity that's perfect for abbracadabbling.
Hickok's a San Francisco-based artist working in photography, video, sculpture, installation, and currently, Jell-O. While her artwork and photography have been exhibited across the country and internationally, Hickok's concerted efforts with concentrated gelatin have earned her the attention of The New York Times, Harper’s, San Francisco magazine, The CBS Early Show, and the Food Network's award for "Best Use of Food as Art Medium.”  

Accolades aside, we can't imagine any city better molded for a Jell-O treatment than our City by the Bay. San Francisco's undulating landscape has more in common with a Jell-O Jiggler than you'd think, and few if any American metropolises can hold a pudding pop to the City's diversity or the colorful, health-conscious and always on the go folks who call San Francisco their home.  Rice-A-Roni may claim to be San Francisco's official treat, but unless Hickok's next culinary sculpture is a whole grain Golden Gate, their trolley may not be on the track much longer. 

If you'll be in the Bay Area, the Mission Artists United will be featuring the works of Liz Hickok and several other local artists as part of their Spring Mission Open Studios, 24-25 April. MAU is located at 1890 Bryant Street in San Francisco. More information on the exhibit can be found HERE. For more photos and videos of Liz Hickok's very flavorful San Francisco, visit the artists website HERE.

San Francisco: City of strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, and Marina Green.

Fog like Cool Whip rests atop the quivering skyline.

 San Francisco: Acid Trip...or Jell-O?

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