24 April 2010

Abbracadabbling Goes North To STUMPTOWN Sunday; Check Out Some PAUL POPE

So life happened, and our Office trip up the 1-5 to Portland's Stumptown Comics Fest has been postponed until tomorrow. We're bummed we missed Brian Michael Bendis' Teaching Comics presentation - The Dabbler would consider it a privilege and an honor to take the comics writing class  he teaches up North - but there's plenty of other awesome to be found at the 'Fest tomorrow, too.  If you've haven't hit Portland's grand finale to Comic Book Month, get in gear and never fear, because our crew will see you there. 

Meantime, needless for us to say, we won't be on the comicsblog tomorrow; instead, we'll be feasting on all the awesome eye candy 'Fest has to offer -- especially the visual delish served up by the Con's headlining special guest, Paul Pope

We've even whipped up a small appetizer of the DJ and artist extraordinaire's pop art masterpieces to show ya what you'll be missing - if for some reason we don't see you there. Geography is no excuse, dabblers; same goes for failing to check some of the hot spots on the world-wide where you can scope even more of Pope's fine art.  Sweet linkages are below...!

Steel Jeeg 



Batman: Year 100 (overlay)

Batman: Year 100, Issue #1
Paul Pope w/Jose Villarrubia (DC Comics)

We scored our Pope art from the following sites, so check 'em out:  Paul Pope's blog [here]; Hollywood Comics [here]; and Paul Pope's Flickr [here].  Thinking about some new reading material? Paul's Batman: Year 100 would be our recommendation. The story and art rock, dabblers - and even better, you can buy it from us and support your fave comicsblog in the process! Spend that cash here: [Batman Year 100]. 

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