18 April 2010

SuperComputer: ALAN MOORE's Genre Of Life from Mustard Magazine

We like that - Genre of Life. We'll put our comicsblog "TM" on that, but we can't claim the same for this awesome desktop wallpaper that shows comics scribe extraordinaire Alan Moore standing before a gallery of panels from his many comic books.  The image, later converted to wallpaper size, was made by the funny folks at the U.K.'s Mustard magazine, who created the poster-size variant from the wraparound cover art used  for the front and back cover of their fourth issue. Mustard #4 features an exclusive interview with Moore, some of which can be read online [here].

(Click to enlarge, then download)
The design was inspired by Kevin O'Neill's cover for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume One, and the main illustration of Moore, also by O'Neill, is from the author's bio at the back of the graphic novel.  But the art in the frames behind Moore is by the various talented artists who collaborated with Moore on his comics.  We've identified each of the artists and their comics below - info that you'll definitely appreciate after downloading today's Super Computing desktop. Enjoy!

Column by column, from top left: Promethea by JH Williams III, DR & Quinch by Alan Davis, Bojeffries Saga by Steve Parkhouse, The Birth Caul by Eddie Campbell, Top Ten by Gene Ha & Zander Cannon, From Hell by Eddie Campbell, Big Numbers by Bill Seinkiewicz, V for Vendetta by David Lloyd, the flying carpet from League Volume Two by Kevin O'Neill (behind Alan's head), Watchmen by Dave Gibbons, A Small Killing by Oscar Zarate, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Kevin O'Neill, Jack B Quick by Kevin Nowlan, Skizz by Jim Baikie, Lost Girls by Melinda Gebbie, Halo Jones by Ian Gibson, Tom Strong by Chris Sprouse, and Swamp Thing by John Totleben.

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