26 April 2010

Lastscionz Enters The Mushroom Kingdom with SUPER MARIO BROS

Although they're often overlooked as a comic book publisher, Canada's Udon Entertainment Corporation is well-known as one of the premier artists' collectives (studios) specializing in comics based on some of the world's most popular video games.  From their flagship series adapting Capcom's Street Fighter to their more recent Darkstalkers line, the Udon Crew have made names for themselves even beyond the video set.  Marvel's requested they bring their Manga flair to superhero series like X-Men Evolution and the super-popular Deadpool, while DC Direct's tapped their talent to design the company's line of Ame-Comi Girls PVC statues.

Jeffrey Chamba Cruz - Udon Crew member and known among the Deviant Art set as Lastscionz - has become the hot talk of the comicsblogosphere the last few days for his just-completed Enter The Mushroom Kingdom.  The name alone is buzzworthy, but Cruz' line work sends us over the top.  

With so many video game characters popping into comics - most recently, DC/WildStorm's sell-out God of War series - we're kind of surprised that the Super Mario Bros haven't also made the leap.  Then again, they've never looked so good or so...studly! Cruz has packed on the muscle while tossing the Bros some personality where it counts. Hmmm... could the announcement of a new Udon series be in our future?

Cruz hasn't even suggested one way or the other; he completed the 11x17  Enter The Mushroom Kingdom earlier this month, and it's intended to be a convention print.  But that doesn't mean it's not a promo for something the Udon Crew's been cooking up in secret.  Mario and Luigi have kept console jockey's hooked for nearly three decades, making Super Mario Bros one of the best-selling video games of all time.  They might not require it, but they've certainly earned it.  A rockin' comic series with Lastscionz on the art would  likely be a big seller-- and give pop culture's infamous Italian brothers all the extra lives they'll ever need.

Enter The Mushroom Kingdom 

We'll be bringing even more lastscionz art to the comics blog this week! Meanwhile, level up on Cruz's awesome stuff by checking him out on Deviant Art [here] or on his art blog [here].  For Udon Entertainment Corp, go [here].

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