01 April 2010

BOOM! STUDIOS 20% OFF THRU 07 APRIL 2010 - Check Them Out!

Boom Studios has really put itself on the comics publishing map, especially since they brought Mark Waid into the fold as Editor-in-Chief two or so years back. Boom's now counted among Top 10 comic book companies out there, and they've found real success publishing both creator-owned titles, like their awesome flagship book Irredeemable (written by Waid), as well as comics based on several key licensed properties. Perhaps the biggest of those is Disney, with titles  like Walt Disney Comics and The Incredibles  helping Boom to even begin their neat new Boom! Kids line.

From that same 'licensed' camp, though, The Dabbler's really enjoying 28 Days Later, an ongoing series by Michael Alan Nelson and Leonardo Manco that's based on the zombie flicks of the same name, as well as writer Chris Gorak's NOLA, a four-part series set in New Orleans just after the Hurricane Katrina blew the city down.  Both comics feature an African-American female as their protagonist and heroine, as few comics do or have, and each does so really, really well.  Dabbler definitely recommends both comics, and he gives Waid's Irredeemable, as well as The Anchor by Phil Hester, serious high props, since they're among his top reads of the month.

It's absolutely no joke that Boom's got a major sale going on right now - and our CoMics Merchant has the coupon code at the top of our blog!
Use it and get 20% off anything by Boom -- and as we've just said, there's plenty of great stuff to choose from. 

Jump on over and go Boom! right now - and tell 'em The Dabbler sent ya!

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