20 April 2010

Awesome Video Tribute To The Superhero Cinema of DC Comics and Vertigo!

Readers of our comicsblog have probably noticed as much as we have that most of today's superhero cinema buzz belongs to Marvel Studios -- and rightly so. They've kept themselves in the spotlight so well that frankly it's hard not to blog about those folks. Not that dabblers of a more 'Superman' persuasion should fear; there's little question that DC Comics' day in the sun will soon rise. 

You Tube member Videoprototype must have noticed DC's dearth like the rest of us, and  true to his name, he put his mad video editing skills to use to do something about it. The result of his most-excellent actions: an eight and a half minute video tribute to the movies of DC and Vertigo Comics. We give 'VP' major props for pulling out all the stops with this mash-up; he's included everything from V for Vendetta to Catwoman, Watchmen to Constantine, and Superman Returns to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

The video's a great way to get psyched for next week's new Vertigo Comics movie, The Losers , as well as for DC Comics' next flick, Jonah Hex. We'll have all the info on superhero cinema's two newest gems coming up on the comicsblog,  but for now, we invite you to dabble down and just chill-lax  for Videoprototype's Video Tribute to the Films of DC Comics!

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