01 April 2010

AN 8-BALL OF LAUGHS: Eight Great JOKER Pics for The April Fool

abbracadabblers are natural jokers - it seems to go with the territory.  But we're not like The Joker, Gotham City's 'Clown Prince of Crime' and the most popular, best-known bad guy in the world. Most of us aren't, anyway. Joker doesn't mind having tricks played on him (just ask Batman), because in his world, payback's a bitch and he knows he'll always have the last laugh. So it took a few dozen roses (plastic ones of the acid-spitting variety) and a box of chocolates (See's Candies, insertable razor blades by Gillette), as well as one very gullible Springfield Home Office intern to make the delivery, but 'Mister J' accepted our invitation to guest host April Fool's Day on the comicsblog.   

Yeah, we figured that would make you smile! And since nothing gets Joker grinning wider than seeing himself in pictures (unless its seeing Batman in pieces), getting things off to a good start with comics art seemed liked a bright idea. In honor of Mister J, and in fond memory of our former intern we hope you get a laugh enjoying these eight really great takes of The Joker himself...

Joker & Harley by Alex Ross [via]

Joker (or Giving Batman a Little Prick) by J. Chin [via]

Joker by Cinar [via]

The Joker V3.0 by pungang [via]

The Joker (Dark Knight)
by Crump3t [via]

Steampunk Joker by Odingraphics [via]

Joker's The Bomb
by Strongstuff [via]

Blog masthead Joker art courtesy of sound addict  
via his deviant art website here.

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