03 April 2010

USS Enterprise WebCam Will Get You Noticed!!

When our ComicTech-nicians discovered abbracadabbling's plans for our next Saturday Matinee, they couldn't hide their excitement.  Trekkers all, we think that at least some of their ecstatic jubilation must come from owning their brand-new, fresh out of dry-dock Star Trek USS Enterprise Webcam.  

We've got to admit, the ship looks pretty sweet - and that it actually works is a major plus, too. So we bought one ourselves, and dabblers, we're glad we did.  As you'd expect for any Star Trek gadget, Enterprise is fully PC /Windows and Mac OS/X compatible, and setting it up was as easy as plug (via USB) and play. 

The light-up engine nacelles and the focusable camera found in the deflector dish  (kinda just like in the TV show!) are what makes the Enterprise Webcam the most fun, though.   You can warp it around the room when the USB's unattached, or cruise it down to impulse and put it on the desk where it belongs. Of course, the webcam's so lightweight that it can also be mounted on the side of any computer monitor, thanks to an adhesive Star Fleet insignia.  Doing that not only gives you the best view of Enterprise, but allows for you to angle the ship's deflector so it can get the best view of you, too.  (At least, it made us look good.)

Measuring 50 x 15 x 20.5 cm, this cool Trek cam's plug-and-play functionality means that no drivers are required.  It’s compatible with virtually all video chat applications including Skype, Google Chat, MSN and Yahoo...and did we mention it does video conferencing? 

We just wish it had its own force field - to keep all our Ferengi-like friends from walking out with our new purchase. Then again, for around $45, even a Ferengi would know a good deal when he sees one.  If you'd like to see all the Enterprise's specs, you can do that. Just leave ours alone and buy one of your very own - HERE.

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