04 April 2010

Twelve Guys Succeeding At The Super Hero Game

The 48th Annual Springfield Easter Egg Hunt begins in just over an hour, so, in an unexpected twist and turn of events, the Home Office has decided to dabble-down the comicsblog early.  Our (surviving) staff was aces with The Joker last week, and 'sides, even the most intrepid Springfield abbracadabblers deserves a treat every now and then.  But before we  hop along to the festivities, hoopla, and all-around holiday hi-jinx -- and the never-ending quest for a sugar high -- we're bringing a bit of spice to the blog.

Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Justin Hartley... The names go on, but it's a short list of Hollywood's hottest. And they're not just hot; they're super. Why? Because we've all harbored the deep-down secret desire to be a super hero - and the twelve actors on the blog today count among the select few that succeeded.  Aside from their undeniable good looks, does this dozen have more in common than meets the eye? Are the heroes they play on TV or the silver screen simply parts to our boys, or do they feel they're a part of something bigger? If they have what it takes, do you? And are your chances even better if your name is 'Chris'?

All food for thought...Which reminds us, we're running late for a very important date. We hope your Easter is a basket of fun, too; we've got you off to a good start with twelve right here.  Sure, these dudes may not be as tasty as chocolate bunnies, but they are most definitely eye candy. Indulge your sweet tooth.
Chris Evans - Captain America [IMDb]
Steve Rogers (First Avenger: Captain America, Avengers)
Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)
Jensen (The Losers)

Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four films)

Christian Bale - Batman III (untitled) [IMDb]

Bruce Wayne/Batman (The Dark Knight)
Bruce Wayne  (Batman Begins)

Chris O'Donnell - Robin, The Boy Wonder [IMDb]

Dick Grayson (Batman & Robin)
Dick Grayson (Batman Forever)

David Boreanaz - Angel [IMDb]

Hal Jordan / Green Lantern (Justice League: New Frontier)
Angel (Angel)
Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

Chris Hemsworth - The Mighty Thor [IMDb]

Donald Blake/Thor (Thor)
George Kirk (Star Trek 2009)

James McAvoy - 'World's Greatest Assassin' [IMDb]
Wesley Gibson (Wanted 2)
Wesley Gibson (Wanted)

James Franco - Harry Osborne [IMDb]
Harry Osborne/New Goblin (Spider-Man 3)
Harry Osborne (Spider-Man 2)
Harry Osborne (Spider-Man )

Ryan Reynolds - Green Lantern [IMDb]
 Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
Wade Wilson (Deadpool)
Deadpool (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)
Blade: Trinity (Hannibal King)

Jude Law - Doctor John Watson [IMDb]
Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes)

Justin Hartley - Green Arrow [IMDb]
 Oliver Queen (Smallville)
Arthur Curry (Aquaman)

Brent Spiner - Lieutenant Commander Data [IMDb]
 Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
B-4 (Star Trek: Nemesis)
Lore (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Dr. Arik Soong (Enterprise)
Dr. Noonian Soong (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

James Marsden - Cyclops [IMDb]
Techotl (Conan: Red Nails)
Richard White (Superman Returns)
Scott Summers / Cyclops (X-Men 3: The Last Stand)
Scott Summers (X2)
Scott Summers (X-Men)

 All photos (above) except as noted [via]
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