01 April 2010

The Most Wonderful Toys: Our TOP 2 JOKER Collectibles for 2010 (so far!)

April Fool's Day is nearly over - and thank God it is, because the body count is rising here at the Springfield Home Office. Luckily, in a college town like ours, interns are a dime a dozen.  As it turns out, so are body bags at Wal-Mart. Doing good business always comes with a price tag, and sometimes, even a toe tag (or three). But we digress. 

Before the laughing died (and we literally mean, died) down around here and Joker got (carjacked) a ride back to Gotham,  the conversation invariably turned to toys and what wonderful ones Batman always has.  That conversational detour started to get Mister J a bit hot under the collar, until we reminded him that there's some great toys out there that really are all about him. Joker's got plenty of fans, and if you're one of 'em, you'll want to pay attention to our Top 2 Joker Toys of 2010.
DC Direct fashions their individual toy lines after DC Comics' fan-favorite comics and stories, and their figures come to life looking like they just leaped off the page and onto your shelf.  The Joker's no exception to this rule, and our cute Clown Prince has found himself cast as plastic fantasy several times over the last decade, including the three smiling sociopaths we've got pictured for you above.  The Joker  as he appeared in Grant Morrison's landmark story-arc Batman & Son,  Joker from Vengeance (or Superman/Batman: Series V), and what we like to call the 'Liberace Joker' from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns are just three of the Joker action figures that could be in your collection right now.  

In fact, DC Direct has sixteen other Jokers for you to choose from, too. Among our favorites: The Joker as he appeared in Alex Ross' Justice League (Series 3) and the ultra-cool (and bit more expensive) 13-inch Joker collector's figure in DC Direct's 1:6 Series of heroes and villains.  

The next Joker to hit the shelves of your local comics store with much ensuing homicidal hilarity will be the DC Origins: (Series 1)  Joker, a two-figure box set with both a Mister J then and Mister J now tucked criminally inside. It's priced at a steal, too - around the $22 mark, and you'll find it after 05 May 2010. Check out the entire DC Direct line - HERE.
DC Direct's best Joker of the year is due this November, and as you'd expect, it's also the most pricey. The MSRP is $325,  but it's a hell of a lot less expensive than training another trio of interns, that's for sure. (Sorry, we're venting now that Mister J's stepped out). Ah, well.

We think this is one dy-na-mite if not classic rendition of the Clown Prince of Crime, and well worth saving some pennies for over the summer.  At long last, DC Direct will be adding The Joker to their made-to-order, exclusive 1:4 scale museum quality statue series. Manufactured from a variety of mixed media elements from resin to fabric, Joker stands 19" high x 11" wide x 7.25" deep, and will be packaged in a 4-color box with a 4-color Certificate of Authenticity.  For more info and a 180-degree look at Joker 1:4, go HERE.
* * * * * * 
We had even more cool Joker toys lined up for tonight's blog, but  sadly we've run out of time. The clock's about to strike midnight, and another April Fool's Day will be behind us all. What can we say: we had fun, we had laughs, and, on behalf of the Office staff that's still breathing, we'd like to thank Mister J for co-hosting Make Me Laugh: April Fool's with The Joker with the blog today. 

Now if you'll excuse us, we've got another body to identify...

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