22 April 2010

Boy, It's Vintage! V FOR VENDETTA Comic Book Series Ad

The first two-thirds of Alan Moore and David Lloyd's V for Vendetta was originally published across the pond as a series of black and white strips that appeared in Britain's Quality Comics' anthology series, Warrior. V was among the most popular of Warrior's inclusions, but Quality canceled the series after its 26th issue, leaving a host of publishers clamoring to complete the dystopian tale of a near-future London. 

Our vintage comics advertisement above appeared inside many DC Comics titles during the first part of 1988. DC had emerged Victorious where V was concerned, and in 1988, began publishing V for Vendetta as a ten-issue limited series.  Printed below the DC 'bullet' as the company's Vertigo line didn't yet exist, the 'new' V reprinted the Warrior  stories in color, then continued the series to completion.  Moore's unpublished third of new material  first appeared in Issue #7.

For a better look at DC Comics' V for Vendetta, click our link or visit [here].

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