11 April 2010

Why Superheroes Aren't Online More Often

If you spend a lot - and we mean, a lot - of time on the internet like we do, you tend to notice a few things after a while that just don't make too much sense.  Things like: Why are so many people compelled to google Lindsay Lohan on a daily basis? or How do shady operations like Heroesareforever.com stay in business? are high on our list.  More than anything, though, especially since we're 'in the biz' and we know there's a ton of 'em out there, we've always wondered why we don't see more superheroes online. Seriously, who hasn't thought that at one time or another?
Big kudos to Scott Hampson at Agent-X Comics for finally explaining that mystery to us.   He's an Australian illustrator whose online comics love to make fun of social media, online networks, and internet culture in general. And he blogs up some interesting stuff, too.  Scott's sense humor really will tickle your funny bone, and he's got a lot to say, funny and otherwise. Take a tongue-in-cheek trip to the land down under on his Agent-X Comics blog [here].

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