03 January 2010

Do it Yousseff: Reimagined Tarantino Poster Art

"It's mercy, compassion, and forgiveness I lack... not rationality." Uma Thurman (looking like all kinds of hell) and Vivica A Fox  squaring off just as the school bus stops outside might just be our favorite Quentin Tarantino scene ever.  Mr. Q's name might not slip off most people's tongues as easily as James Cameron or Steven Spielberg, but then again, the masses do tend to have rather bland tastes.  As far as we're concerned,  Tarantino's movies are unmistakably his  for reasons far more creative than a big budget.

Our love of Tarantino films  is just one of the reasons we got a pokey in our pants over Ibraheem Yousseff 's poster art.  Simple, clean and very retro -- we immediately thought of already-blogged designer Albert Exergian's retro-minimalistic TV poster art.   Yousseff's also an artist and designer of many talents, and his four re-imagined posters of Tarantino's best flicks certainly attest to that fact.   Our only complaint is he didn't include True Romance in the bunch; Tarantino only scripted that one, but with Christian Slater playing a homicidal comic shop employee, we can't help it if it didn't remind us of home. 

Yousseff 's website is welcome to obsession and can be found HERE. He's also got an online store HERE where you can snag yourself one or all four of these custom Tarantino one-sheets.  At under $30 each, we might just do some snagging ourselves...

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