31 January 2010

SUNDAY FUNNIES: What Do Superman and Mylie Cyrus Have In Common? Hint: It's Not A Giant Bird!

In the laudable tradition of the yesteryear's great newspapers, abbracadabbling continues its boldest and bravest comicsblog experiment to date -- The Sunday Funnies!  Every Sunday, we'll help dabblers start the new week laughing with the best of last week's funny stuff -- because as we're so fond of saying, It's not old, it's hilarious!  (We did get kicked out of the nursing home for that, but you guys already know that!)  Our way-too-popular Comic Comics returns for Week Number Two, and The Man of Steel's got a "pocket surprise" for his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Then...Silly Snaps and Silver Age Search disappear to make room  for Webcomics Last Week and the semi-irregular Fear of a Disney World!  Graphically Speaking finds its way into the Funnies, and the second installment of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon keeps the adventure alive.   It's spills, thrills, and a belly-ache today on the comicsblog -- and next week things really get rumbling. Keep it here because you know we'll be back in seven with tons more Sunday Funnies! (Remember, right-clicks make bigger and better pictures!)
Comic Comics
  Webcomics Last Week

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Fear of a Disney World!   
Graphically Speaking
Alex Raymond's FLASH GORDON
  See Ya Next Week....!

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