13 January 2010

Comics Or Computers: Make It A Bat-Mac (Part I)

We're here to dispel any lingering doubt you may have: the Digital Age is having a big impact on the comics page -- and we ain't seen nothing yet. From webcomics to motion comics, digital downloads to mobile apps, the forms and functions of comics -- what they mean and how they're read -- are changing the art form. Where this crazy roller coaster of technological adaptation and innovation's headed is still anybody's guess, and we're going to take a few of our own. We'll be tackling this hottest of hot topics in the coming weeks, beginning with a review of the latest technology set to switch up the comicbook ball game. 

One way to ensure your MacBook's comic-friendly would be to deck it out with this sleek Batman Decal we came across on Etsy.  It's very Batman: The Animated Adventures and we've been  loving it all day. Unfortunately, we're not working on a MacBook. If you are, you should know Batman's made of high quality vinyl and he won't leave any residue if removed.  He's good for multiple applications, too -- and for just $16.00, we figure it'd be hard to go wrong.  Along with several other shiny superheroes, The Bat-Mac Decal is on sale over at Movie Magic Man’s Etsy shop, HERE

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