07 January 2010

WOLVERINE Is The People's Choice

If the day ever comes when abbracadabbling's confused for TMZ rather than CBR, The Dabbler will renounce his near-complete collection of The Uncanny X-Men, okay? So don't worry, loyal dabblers, we have no intention of going glam. But we did want to take this relatively early opportunity to blog props to Hugh Jackman for his win at yesterday's People's Choice Awards 2010

The Nokia Theatre ceremony doesn't make airwaves until tomorrow (check your local listings, natch), but by that time everyone will know Hugh brought home the Award for being the People's Choice Favorite Action Star of 2009. Despite the fact X-Men Origins: Wolverine didn't super-thrill us, Jackman's performance couldn't have been any better. The dude is Old Man Logan, and if you've ever wondered if people realized that, we're here to tell you,  people do

Hugh/Wolverine beat out fellow nominees Christian Bale (not for Batman), Gerard Butler, Shia LaBeouf, and Vin Diesel for the honor, so the competition was pretty stiff.  Our favorite X-Man didn't snikkt the show's top title for Favorite Movie Actor, though, that award going to the always-awesome Johnny Depp. 

If you've got a five free minutes tomorrow, Hugh's acceptance speech would be worth your DVR dime.  He's looking mighty dapper, bub. The rest of the show's very miss-able; Twilight takes home a few too many trophies and we're embarrassed enough for those folks as it is.

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