08 January 2010

ARCHIE's Sundae Funnies Get A Stamp of Approval

San Diego's annual Comic-Con International keeps growing and growing, with their newest attendee  the US Postal Service. Yep, the USPS announced Tuesday that they're back in the comics game, with plans to premiere their Sunday Funnies series during this summer's big convention. Archie, Beetle Bailey, Garfield, Dennis the Menace and Calvin and Hobbes will be featured, and we're pretty pleased with the Postmaster's picks. Americans are known for having their sundae and wanting to slurp it, too, and few can say that as well as our Archie.  On the plus side, Archie's quite the entrepreneur; unlike the rest of their Funnies friends, the Riverdale kids began their syndicated antics in 1946, five years after Archie made his comic book debut  in Pep Comics #22.  We won't even get into Garfield's cultural commentary. 

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