08 January 2010

Summer's Sensation: WONDER WOMAN After World War II

We're not abbracadabbling thru  The DCU just yet....that's the 'main course,' so to speak, but we dabblers do so love our appetizers, too. Almost as much as we love classic superheroes, especially DC Comics original guard from comics' Golden Age.  Whether we're talking about history or a salad bar, experience tells us the Beginning is always the best place to start - and for Wonder Woman, the place in question would be the first issue of Sensation Comics.   DC wasn't even itself then, but All-American Publications; Wonder Woman, the perfect poster girl for a company of that name.  When Sensation #1 hit the news stands in January 1942, her star-spangled introduction made many a GI stand and salute. 

Sensation Comics debuted as an anthology title, and Wonder Woman was its star.  The series ran almost ten years, graduated William Moulton Marston's heroine to a book of her own as it did,  and eventually found its end with Issue #117.  The amazing Harry G. Peter's illustration above also graces the front of THE WONDER WOMAN ARCHIVES VOL. 6, a hard-cover collection of the fantastic tales once found in Sensation Comics #41-48 and Wonder Woman #13-15.   

Like most women today, Wonder Woman faces constant threats of Universal proportions and continuity reconstruction. So we're sure she'd look back just as fondly as would to the days when her biggest problems were ''The Tigeapes of Neptunia' or 'The Octopus Plant'.  Great fun from a much different era, and probably good for all of us.   We'll have Wonder Woman's latest DC Comics archival edition in our Amazon Shop  June 30th.

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