06 January 2010


abbracadabbling takes superheroes seriously, because superheroes are serious things, after all.   So we're glad that The Incredibles, comics like X-Babies, and creative teams like Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire are there to remind us that shouldn't always the case. Turns out, we can add another name  to our short roster:  Norm MacDonald. 

Yeah, we never would have imagined that, either. Raley recently caught the former Weekend Update anchorman of Saturday Night Live fame on a Comedy Central roast, and his 'Deathly voice' on a re-run of Family Guy was quickly pegged by us all.  But we admit none of us were familiar with MacDonald's own stand-up.  

Until yesterday, when a friend of the Home Office  turned us on to MacDonald's 2006 sketch comedy album,  Ridiculous.  We laughed from start to finish -- with a first track called The Fantastic Four, Norm had us sold from .01.  We loved his act because it's spot-on perfect -- and probably a lot like what Stan Lee himself was thinking when he created and named the Fantastic Four back in the Marvel-ous year, 1961.  


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