12 January 2010

Soon A Desktop Jedi Will You Become

To us, what's cool is unique. Every so often, a few geeky gizmos grab our attention because they're exactly that, and then they usually wind up on the comicsblog.  As luck would have it, both our latest finds come courtesy of the Think Geek guys, who you might remember introduced us to one of the best Halloween props we've seen yet --  Alien facehugger plush.  They're back today, and as true to form as ever. 

If you've already paid a visit to Tom Scott's blog for your Star Wars weather update, then the USB Lightsaber desk lamp is your latest must-have. The Lightsaber Lamp stands about 13.75 inches tall, and it's powered via USB (duh!).  The Lightsaber has a built-in rechargeable battery, too -- which means you can remove it from the lamp base and defend your cubicle against Senior Management or the next Sith Lord that comes too close.  We think this baby would look hella sweet on any desk, and it can be just like candy on your's for $25.99 HERE.

If you're more Trek than Wars, nothing says 'I Grock Spock' the way these Star Trek Cufflinks do.   Even better, the 'Links are available in two different styles: Delta Shield, and Star Ship Enterprise NCC-1701.  We like 'em both, and we'd like them even more if they were made of diamonds. "Who's the Geek now?" Are we right?? Yeah, you know we are.  Sadly for us but not our pocketbook, the Star Trek Cufflinks are made from enamel and rhodium-plated silver, and they're looking mighty stylish, we must say. Perfect for the next time you climb into your monkey suit, or Bridge Command uniform.  A pair will set you back $49.99 right HERE

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