31 January 2010

Coming Attractions: (AVATAR) THE LAST AIRBENDER (Redux)

Since we last blogged about M. Night Shyamalan's next film, (Avatar) The Last Airbender, Paramount Pictures has upgraded the movie's teaser posters to full-on cinema-ready promos.  The buzz has been excellent, and the film's starting to look really sleek. (And we think this Avatar's art kicks the other Avatar movie's ass!)  We're getting all kinds of excited for this movie -- so we thought we'd give all of you a chance to get excited, too.  The teaser's been out for some time, while we're anxiously awaiting the full-length trailer to debut any day now, we'll be satisfied with what we have. So if you've already seen it, take another look; if you haven't, enjoy - and get ready for more coming attractions!

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