08 January 2010

ABBRACADABBLING THRU THE DCU ... The Adventure Begins This Weekend!

DC-oriented dabblers must be thinking we've gone completely Marvel, so we'd like to assure everyone that abbracadabbling's nothing if not an impartial comicsblog.  After all, we steered clear of mid-December's Ms. Marvel mud-wrestles Wonder Woman debacle, which as you know didn't end well for a lot of folks.  (If anybody's looking to buy an established Indiana comicsblog URL on-the-cheap, we've  got a few inside leads for ya.)  But as much as we support budding bloggers, we'd really rather everyone join us for abbracadabbling thru  The DCU

Dan DiDio and Company have some mighty big plans in store for Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the rest of the DCU, and we'll be here to provide the blueprints.  We'll lay off the details to ensure there'll be plenty of surprises when we dive into all-things DC Comics this weekend!!!  Nevertheless, we don't you want you to begin this trip without a road map.  We have your DCU destinations below -- and while you may know where we're going, the fun part will all be how we get there.  Let the DC Countdown begin!

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