06 January 2010


ABC's newest promo for LOST's final season is making its rounds throughout the blogosphere today -- and while we think the play on words is cutesy, we're thinking the  idea behind The LOST Supper might be getting get a little old.  Or a lot old, since daVinci basically cornered The Last Supper market back in 1498.  But The  LOST Supper's got us thinking now that this a TV trend that's not wanting to be original or even novel; this a trend that's on the cusp of becoming a television tradition.

Battlestar Galactica struck its Supper pose last year for their final season --  and did a much better job of capturing so many of the master's more divine aspects, if we say so ourselves. We especially love  the Battlestar's crest working double-time as a Caprica Six halo.  

Turns out that a few other television shows and movies have employed Leonardo's most iconic of dinners  in their promos, too.  Photographer Anne Liebowitz  snapped one of The Sopranos in 1999, That 70's Show struck the pose for an episode, and the 1970 MASH movie shot a scene around it, too.  We suppose  Star Wars' Last Supper counts, too -- after all, the original was a painting.

TV land has yet to jump all over this imagery, thankfully. Both BSG and Lost are two of the best shows of the last decade, and if they're the first of an emerging trend where TV's highest caliber series do the group dinner thing, we'd be all for it.    [The LOST Supper via THR [link]]

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