14 January 2010

12 Amazing Portraits of Superman

On 'Day Two' of our abbracadabbling thru the DC Universe, we begin, as always, with the beginning.  Superman's appearance on the first issue cover of Action Comics wasn't the literal beginning for DC Comics, a company that most folks in the mid to late 1930's referred to as Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson's National Periodicals, but it certainly changed everything else.  With his June 1938 premiere, Superman distinguished comic books not only from newspaper funnies but from all the major formats of entertainment that were then popular -- pulps and magazines, radio, and even movies.  By 1939, Action Comics was selling over 500,000 copies each month, and more than doubled that number less than a year later.  Long story short, that, our dear dabblers, is the secret origin of superheroes. 

Superman's always in first place as abbracadabbling's artistic eye examines our Favorite DC Superheroes.

Superman Gallery Artistic Credits: (1) Alex Ross (2) Keron Grant  (3) Francis Manapul   (4) Unknown (5) Based on Fleischer Studio's Superman  (6) All Star Superman by Frank Quitely  (7) Unknown (8) R. Trask  (9) Justin Norman   (10) Action Comics #1 by Joe Schuster    (11)  Action Comics in Legos by Julian Fong  (12) Unknown. ......Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster

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