12 January 2010

It's Official: Abbracadabbling Joins THE COMIC BLOG ELITE!

We'll be signing off early tonight, dabblers and dabblettes. From where we're sitting, such an unprecedented action can only mean two things: (1) Even more DC Comics 2010 Goodness will be showered upon your favorite comicsblog tomorrow and (2) The Springfield Home Office will be celebrating our acceptance to The Comic Blog Elite!!  

Now, we haven't joined up with a supremacist group or roving band of nighttime bloggers, so not to worry. What we have done is found a way to become more useful to comics and superhero fans like all of you. But as a proud card-carrying member of The Comic Blog Elite, we don't stop there.  We've now taken the best step possible to make ourselves more visible - and more helpful - to comic book publishers and creators (like the esteemed Mr. Grant Morrison),  comics retailers, comics-related websites, organizations and conventions, and, last but certainly not least, our fellow comics bloggers.  In essence, we've taken our next step toward community.   You'll notice atop our sidebar the bright new Comic Blog Elite captions box: it's both a badge of our membership as well as a portal for you to use to explore every corner of the comics blogosphere.  On the other side of your right-click, you'll find many if not all the folks from our Pull List, and many, many more. abbracadabbling encourages you to take that jump and to spend some time exploring comics great presence on the world wide web. When you're ready to come home, we'll be right here -- abbracadabbling away,  always happy to see you back.  

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