31 January 2010

CALVIN & HOBBES: New Visions, Same Spirit

We could claim we're still in a Funnies mood, but the truth is that blogging these amazing fan-made tributes to Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes just seemed like a great way to sign off for the evening. After all, beginning in 1985 and for the next decade thereafter, many of our Sunday's were spent with the inseparable duo -- and maybe yours were, too. We grew up, and there's something heartwarming in the thought of Calvin doing the same, yet never leaving his old pal and fellow striped adventurer  too far behind. That's the kind of magic we found in several of the fan-made illustrations recently uncovered by the creative folks at Comic Alliance.  They've recently featured two different posts full of imaginative and endearing homages to the Calvin and Hobbes strip and its characters, and were careful to select works that best honored and captured the spirit of Watterson's vision. We've posted our three favorites on abbracadabbling; the rest can be found on Comics Alliance HERE...and HERE. Have a great night, dabblers!
 Artistic Credits
(Top) Sora1589
(MiddleJaime Posadas
(Below) Sashatiainen

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