25 January 2010

SUNDAY FUNNIES: Megan Fox Thinks Out Loud AND The Secret of STAR WARS Sushi!

In the noble tradition of the yesteryear's great newspapers, abbracadabbling kick-starts its boldest and bravest comicsblog experiment to date -- The Sunday Funnies!  (Kinda funny that we missed our Sunday launch date, too, don't ya think?) Every Sunday night, we'll help dabblers get their new week off right with the best of the funny stuff we've found the week before;  as we're fond of saying, It's not old, it's hilarious.  We did get kicked out of the nursing home for that, though, so don't listen to us! Just have a few laughs with the Comic Comics, snicker at our Silly Snaps, gain some brain cells from our Silver Age Search, and thrill to the spills of Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon (Part I).  If you had a blast, be sure to get your Back Issues to us and let us know, too. Either way, we'll be back in seven with more Sunday Funnies!  (Remember, right-clicks make bigger and better pictures!)

Comic Comics

Silly Snaps

Silver Age Search 

Alex Raymond's FLASH GORDON

See Ya Next Week....!

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