23 January 2010

Crayola Chronologies: A Spectral Analysis

Unless you're a weirdo freak or The Dabbler, you probably don't spend your time worrying whether or not Crayola Crayons' average growth rate of 2.56% annually is cause for concern.  Considering that Crayons have existed along with us peacefully for over a hundred years -- from an initial box of just eight colors to today's count of 120 -- and that only eleven colors have met their demise since, we've concluded that there's no cause for alarm just yet. And we owe our peace of mind to the folks of Weather Sealed

Yup, we've got to hand it to them, because we're in love with their Crayola Chronology Chart -- their nifty visualization of the Crayola color spectrum of the past 100 years. After gathering the information and dates of all Crayola that have ever been from Wikipedia's list of standard colors, the Weather Sealers made  a surprising discovery from the data: the number of standard crayon colors double every 28 years!  

That's pretty damn quick, and while it may cause problems for our ecosystem and toddlers with anxiety disorder, those crayons can't hold a candle to our comic collection, which doubles far faster than that!  Even taking the annual growth rate into account, Crayola's box o' crayons will only be 330 strong by 2050.  That would make a box of crayons relatively bigger content-wise than a long box of comic books.  Of course, the future's uncertain and anything can happen in forty years -- Ralph Lauren could even get into the crayon-making business.  Should that happen, the rainbow of excitement will never end.

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