26 January 2010

Tomorrow's New Releases: Comic Book Wednesday 27th & The Dabbler's Top Picks!

We're gonna call it a night any minute, dabblers -- but before we do, we thought we'd post our first-ever look at Tomorrow's New Comics ReleasesTNCR will become a permanent fixture on abbracadabbling -- not because we think most of our faithful followers have any doubt what they'll find at their LCS (local comics shop, natch) on New Comics Wednesday, but because we know that more than a few of dabblers out there don't.  They'll be surprised - if not shocked - to know that we count just fewer than ONE HUNDRED New Releases due to hit store shelves tomorrow. We know we were - hell, we're still shaking it off.  Our pocket books are going to be a lot leaner by this time tomorrow night, and our eyes might be just a little cross-eyed from reading our favorite issues all afternoon.

That said, what are your favorite titles? Which comics on your pull-lists make their monthly pilgrimage into your long boxes when Wednesday, January 27th rolls around? In time, you'll discover that the lists we post on the blog every Tuesday will become quite important to many other discussions they're sure to launch -- so keep them peepers peeled! And because he's an incredibly remarkable guy, your pal and ours, The Dabbler, kindly gave us permission to share his next comics stash with abbracadabbling readers each and every week. We've got his rather (ahem!) lenghtly list for tomorrow's take-home below, for your eyes only! 
While we spend the rest of the night trying to psychoanalyze the good Dabbler from his list of comics, we want you guys to take special note of the books he marked with his Blue Ribbon. Every Tuesday, Dabbler's Blue Ribbon books are his Top Recommendations for the week.  Clearly, they're comics not to be missed -- and Dabbler's one dude you don't want to mess with. So take a look, take notes, and take heed: tomorrow's the biggest Wednesday we've seen this year, and one thing's for sure: we're all going to be a bit overwhelmed before long. [Hint: Remember, right-clicking on our lists will make them HUGE!!]



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