14 January 2010

Marvel Sneak Peek:DARK AVENGERS #13

Sure, we know we've barely started abbracadabbling thru the DCU, but an early detour will keep all of us on our toes. Besides, how could we pass up this look ahead to next week's Dark Avengers? Prolific Portlander Brian Michael Bendis has easily made this one of our favorite Marvel titles of the last year, and while the series' ultimate fate may be uncertain in light of Siege, we're going to enjoy the hell out of it no matter what the future holds. The future's not looking good for The Sentry, though. Our preview below hints that Marvel's version of Superman will have his fate -- and the mystery surrounding the Void, the source of his powers -- decided very soon, and it's probably not going to be good for him. Whether you're an Avengers fan or not, Dark Avengers #13 looks to be a great read we're sure you'll enjoy. For more info, check Marvel, HERE.

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