31 January 2010

SUNDAY FUNNIES: Special Afternoon Edition... Ka-POW! WWAS??

Abbracadabbling embarks on an even bolder social experiment with The Sunday Funnies: AFTERNOON EDITION!  When the mood strikes us (and when it does, it stings like a bitch!) or when DABBLERS DEMAND IT, we'll supplement our supple Sunday Funnies with -- you guessed it --  even more Sunday Funnies!  As we're so fond of saying, It's a Good Thing When There's Even More of It! (Raley embarrassed her last boyfriend with those exact words and got kicked out of the nursing home.)  So what can you expect in our FIRST (and quite possibly our LAST) Afternoon Edition? Our way-way-way-too-popular Comic Comics is back for an encore featuring some great dialogue from Wednesday's New Avengers. (Good to see Spidey's okay after Superman's pocket rocket surprise!)  Graphically Speaking sneaks back to the blog, too.  Plus, two features you'll ONLY find in the Afternoon Edition -- SUNPMNSFW (we'll let you figure it out) and the Afternoon Academic -- hereafter to be called affectionately, AAAA is interactive and it's fun, and the first Dabbler to get us their Back Issues with the correct answers will WIN a Brand-New Comic Book!  But we'll get things going with HOBNOBBING -- The Home Office News Of the Blog Bulletin-Board - an uncensored inside look  at abbracadabbling behind-the-scenes. An afternoon with lots of larfs and sex and free comics...begins NOW!
Comic Comics with the 
 Source: New Avengers, Issue #61 (Jan 2010 - Marvel Comics)
Graphically Speaking
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WWAS?? What Would Archer Say?
Sex Explained By BIC Pens
(Every position & pairing imaginable - here)
Ka-POW! Batman! T-shirt - $36 @ UrbanRetro
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 Afternoon Academic
It goes without saying that there's AT LEAST 100 Quotes that Every Comic Geek Should Know. Like, duh! A fave fellow blogger of ours compiled his Top 100 List (we'll link-source them next week) and we've borrowed just four of 'em for today's meeting of AA! Be the FIRST dabbler to leave us a BACK ISSUE containing who said each quote - and which TV show, book, comic, or movie the quote's from - and we'll reach into our Prize Pile and put a brand new comic book in your hands ASAP. How's that for a Sunday?
Good luck to everyone in AA -- we'll be back in just 7 with more. (Is that a threat?) 
NEXT Sunday Funnies: February 7, 2010 

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