14 January 2010

Coming Attractions: The A-TEAM (2010)

With Liam Neeson as Col. 'Hannibal' Smith, a cameo by former 'Faceman' Dirk Benedict, and no cameo whatsoever from Mr. T, director Joe Carnahan's revamp of the 1980's The A-Team will arrive in theaters June 11th, 2010.  Carnahan: "We’re not making an homage to ‘The A-Team' [of the 1980's].  We’re taking the base story of four guys wrongfully convicted of a crime. They’re an Alpha Unit -- that’s it. THAT’S the point of departure.”  Lest there be any doubt, today's A-Team won't be coming close to the comedic exploits of their namesakes, either. Carnahan's movie isn't Saving Private Ryan, but it's a far cry from last summer's Land of The Lost, too.  Are you dabblers excited -- or even the least bit interested -- in seeing this movie? We couldn't even find an official site for the movie, so we're having a hard time getting interested ourselves.  Is this A-Team even going to be a B-Movie?  Get busy, fool! We want your Back Issues double time!

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