11 January 2010

The Once and Future CAPTAIN AMERICA (Part II)

Sure seems longer than a week it's been since we brought you The Once And Future Captain America: Part I, Part I-A, and Part I-B.  Time to check out last week's blogs if you haven't seen 'em, because we're back tonight with the final installment of our most patriotic multi-blog yet!  Now, you might wanna slide into your PJ's and grab a beer while you're up, because we think you'll be sticking around for a  while.  Don't worry, we're not asking you to chillax with us until the new Marvel Studios' movie gets rolling -- although June's not that far away.  But we do want to invite you to tonight's special comicsblog screening of the movie,  Captain America.  If you weren't as keen on the superhero movie scene as we were back in the 1990's, chances are this B-movie masterpiece came in way under your radar. But it's as funny as it is true: director Albert Pyun of Kickboxer acclaim has already beaten Joe Johnston to the patriotic punch, although his Captain America film never made it into American box-offices.  It was released in the UK, however, making its straight-to-video debut here in the States in 1992, though it never hit ride release for public rental. The film stars Matt Salinger as Steve Rogers/Captain America, who must save the President of the United States from his arch-nemesis , The Red Skull. Definitely a storyline close to its comic origins  -- and while far from being close to one of the better superhero flicks we've seen, it's also not nearly the worst.   More fun with a group of buddies and a (couple) six pack/s, Captain America features Darren McGavin and Ned Beatty, and clocks in just over 90 minutes. 'Nuff said! 

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