17 October 2009

HALLOWEEN 09: The Facehugger Wonder

Dabblers will be bursting with excitement when they find out what we've dug up. In fact, the adorably soft Alien Facehugger Plush might be our best find of the year. Just take a peek at our artist's rendition of how awesome you could look October 31st:
Fantastic, right? We knew you'd agree.
And who wouldn't? The plush Facehugger is a life-size replica of the same cute critter that did its darnedest to give Sigourney Weaver a big smooch in 1979's Alien. You'll find that your Facehugger is incredibly comfortable to wear, and his wire-like skeleton provides maximum poseability as you fit his long fingers about your face -- and even into your mouth!
Yes, this little rascal is the perfect costume call for horror buffs, sci-fi freaks, film majors, and all those not lucky enough to have a real date Halloween night. Maybe that's being redundant. But unlike the last person you dated, Facehugger is always happy to see you. You can be sure he'll jump to plant one on your kisser the moment you walk into the room.
Raley's boyfriend bought her a Facehugger, and she hasn't taken it off since UPS came yesterday afternoon. My guess is he's trying to keep all the other guys' lips off Raley's cute little face. I have to give the dude props, too. It's a smart move, dabblers, and great advice if your Halloween partner-in-crime happens to be really cute -- or exceptionally nasty. Wherever you two go, nobody will see their face. They'll all be looking at Facehugger.
Abbracadabbling shopped around, and we found Alien Facehugger Plush on sale at several online and retail vendors, including Amazon.com. While most places are asking $32.00 or more for the lil' extraterrestrial scamp, the nerds over at Think Geek had the best deal. They'll let you adopt your very own for under $29 bucks here.
We all know money can't buy love. But this Halloween, it sure can buy the next best thing.

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