11 October 2009

Why So Serious??

It can be pretty tough to imagine why the Joker's considered Batman's arch-nemesis. While most musclebound super heroes find themselves locked in endless conflict with equally musclebound villains, Batman's glass-jawed rival would definitely drop to the mat with a single bat-punch. Their twisted tango is obviously far deeper than it appears on the surface, but exploring it doesn't fit the job description for those of us here at Longbox Short.
That's not to say your favorite comicsblog isn't going to man-up and back off from the task like a scared little girl, either. On the contrary, dabblers. Abbracadabbling's best archivists have worked long and hard (and on a Sunday, no less!) digging through dusty tomes to find a few candid shots that they believe'll bring the Batman-Joker question into better focus. I'm more embarrassed than convinced by their findings, but at least it wasn't me out there in the Tuff-Shed on a rainy Springfield morning. One thing is for damn sure, though: Batman's got a whole lot more going on than he wants anyone to know...
That's right -- papa spank!
(God, that cracks me up.)

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