12 October 2009

Gigantor Stands Tall for Japan

Looks like the city of Kobe, Japan won't have to worry about Godzilla attacks anytime soon. Last week, the port city unveiled its newest robotic resident, Gigantor.
It may be a little tough to tell from the photos I was able to get my hands on just how giant Gigantor really is, so I'll give you a hint: the giant robot statue stands at just over fifty-nine feet tall (59.06 feet, to be exact), making him the tallest giant robot statue in Japan.
Tokyo has a giant Gundam statue that stands at exactly fifty-nine feet. It's actually extremely impressive. You can see some great photos here.
Other notable Gigantor facts: the hefty fella weighs in at a whopping fifty tons, and the tab for his construction totals out at $1.5 million and change. I have no idea what that comes to in Yen.
Kobe, Japan is the sixth largest city in Japan, and one of the country's most prominent ports and economic centers. At last count, Kobe's population is estimated at 1.5million people, which would make it just a buck a person to pay-off Gigantor's gigantic tab.
Or to buy the big guy a girlfriend. It's always best to keep those giant robot's happy, folks.

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