06 October 2009

FLASH CAPTION BEGINS NOW! Win FLASH:Rebirth #5 by Geoff Johns!!

The wait is over, dabblers!
Monthly Readers Contest
Can You Help The Flash Fill-In-The Blank?
Wally West a.k.a. The Flash isn't looking too hot. He's just been put through the wringer and now something's come up leaving The Fastest Man Alive at a loss for words. Even worse, Wally's doesn't even know where he is!!
It's your duty to help The Flash out! We've given you The Flash's first words: Holy @#!%. Now you've got to complete The Flash's train of thought by filling in the Caption Box with what Wally thinks or says next. Be creative, be funny, be serious, and be kind. [HINT: Limit your responses to no more than three (3) sentences.]
But The Flash isn't out of trouble yet! He's still lost in a MYSTERY CITY and he needs you to tell him where he's really run off to.
Beginning Wednesday October 7th, CLUES to The Flash's possible whereabouts will begin to pop-up on abbracadabbling. Each CLUE will be a question about geography in the DC COMICS Universe. Only correct answers will eventually help you tell Flash where he's at, so study up!
NEW CLUES will appear on abbracadabbling tomorrow thru Sunday, October 25th, 2009. Each and every time you see a post with the NEWSFLASH (newspaper/Flash logo) icon, you'll know there's a New Clue to be found.
Every CLUE will also have a CLUE NUMBER. Once you've collected and answered every CLUE correctly, the CLUE with the highest CLUE NUMBER of the group is The Flash's location.
Keep Alert! CLUES may or may not be posted each day, so the only way to know if a new CLUE to The Flash's location has been revealed is by checking back with abbracadabbling daily and looking for the NEWSFLASH.
Most Importantly, CLUES will ONLY REMAIN on abbracadabbling for a total of FOUR (4) DAYS from the time and date of their posting. Once time is up, they're gone! The CLUE you miss may be the answer to MYSTERY CITY's secret identity.
For helping Wally West a.k.a. The Flash out of a tight situation, one lucky abbracadabbler will receive mailed to their preferred address one (1) new copy of FLASH: Rebirth Issue #5 (non-variant edition) -- bagged and boarded, of course.
FLASH: Rebirth is a seven-part comic book series written by Geoff Johns with art by Ethan Van Sciver and is published monthly by DC Comics. Issue #5 will be available October 28th, 2009. For more Flash: Rebirth, please go here.
The only thing any abbracadabbler needs to win October's FLASH CAPTION Contest is a great imagination, an email account, and the good habit to check the abbracadabbling blog daily between Oct. 7th and Oct. 25th for clues they won't want to miss out on! Only emailed submissions received by 11:59pm PST November 5th, 2009 will be considered eligible to win FLASH CAPTION. [Please read below on how to submit your Contest Entry.]
One (1) Winner for the The FLASH CAPTION Contest will be chosen by representatives of Present Magic Comics and abbracadabbling blog. Any winning entry must include all requested information, the correct answer to MYSTERY CITY's identity, and a Caption Box text we think is really cool. Winner's name and their Caption Box text will be announced and also appear here on abbracadabbling on Tuesday, November 7th, 2009. Winner will be notified by e-mail 24 hours prior to blog announcement.
FLASH CAPTION is open to anyone in the Continental United States over the age of 13 years. FLASH CAPTION is a free contest, meant for fun and interactive participation. No one entering or who wishes to enter the FLASH CAPTION Contest is required to purchase anything.
Only one (1) Entry is allowed per individual E-mail account / address. Readers are welcome to submit additional Entries if using different email addresses. Please note that number of Entries doesn't increase any chance of winning!!
To submit your Contest Entry, please send abbracadabbling an electronic mailgram with your completed CAPTION BOX and the real identity of MYSTERY CITY to: presentmagiccomics@Gmail.com
Also include in the same email:
  • your name (first name's okay)
  • your snail mail address
  • your preferred e-mail address
  • indicate if OK to publish your name & Caption Box on blog
Contest Entries received via e-mail before 12am October 26th or after 11:59pm PST on Sunday, November 5th, 2009, are not eligible for consideration. Please be sure to submit your entry to abbracadabbling and Present Magic Comics before that time to qualify for the Grand Prize.
Please note: It's not necessary to download the picture (.png file) of The Flash and write your caption text inside the actual box. You're more than welcome to do so; however, abbracadabbling won't be able to accept any email entries with attached files.
Good Luck, Dabblers!
The Flash and The Fastest Man Alive are both Trademark and Copyright DC Comics 2009.

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