13 October 2009

Bloomingdales and DC Comics: Fashion Super Heroes

For abbracadabblers, shopping is the best kind of Practical Magic.
When parent company Warner Bros announced their restructuring of DC Comics and the formation of DC Entertainment (DCE) last September 9th, the studio hinted that they'll be unveiling everything from a new DCE corporate and management structure to a definitive announcement of Warner's film slate early next year to coincide with DC Comics 75th Anniversary. While a steady if not robust stream of news on what to expect from Warner Bros Studios has trickled out of Hollywood since that date, not a lot of other news has -- until now.
Yup, it seems that DC Comics and Warner have found a new ally with Bloomingdales. The upscale department store chain announced yesterday it will be marketing and selling a new line of superhero-inspired clothing based on DC Comics' iconic characters. Keeping their eye on what they call the "holiday market," the company's Third Avenue store in New York even has plans to fill its windows with DC Comics imagery -- a motif that will likely be seen by shoppers (and hopefully by my mom) nationwide.
Bloomingdales' exclusive new line, which will encompass T-shirts to cuff links and more, goes on sale in many of their stores this week. But the DC products, which count Converse, Psycho Bunny, Trunk LTD, and Jack Spade as just a few of its many brand-name designers, won't come with a small price tag. T-shirts of the Flash, Batman, Justice League, and Green Lantern, for instance, start around $60.00.
I did a quick check of Bloomingdales' online store earlier this afternoon, and a few of the DC products have already made it into their Men's department. You can get a better look of what they've got on sale right now by right-clicking here.
Bloomingdales DC line, like we've said, is an early kick-off for DC Comics 75th, and I'm hoping there's a Trunk LTD T-shirt of DC's first-ever publication, the 1935 first issue of New Fun Comics. Nothing I've read yet says I should expect to make that purchase, but even the idea of sporting a tee with the New Fun look is be silly-cool.
Bloomingdales and DC Comics aren't holding back when it comes to promoting their new fashionables, either. This Wednesday -- tomorrow -- from 5pm to 8pm, Bloomingdales across the nation will be using their New York Nights sale to launch the heroic line with in-store events featuring everything from comic book memorabilia displays, giveaways, DC Comics creator signings, as well as a special 30% discount.
Unfortunately, Bloomingdales hasn't colonized any of Oregon's major cities, but the kick-off party in my hometown of San Francisco looks like it's going to be a great event. I'm trying to not dwell on the fact I'm going to be missing DC Comics writer James Robinson. He'll be on hand at the San Francisco Centre from 6pm to 8pm signing copies of Superman, Cry for Justice, Starman -- the title which most longtime fans consider his opus -- and probably anything else you might bring or buy, too.
Robinson's party will be quite the shin-dig. Bloomingdales SF is calling the event a "Gotham" night, complete with cocktails and displays of props and costumes from the biggest superhero blockbuster of all time, The Dark Knight.
But if you plan to drop by after nabbing your weekly stash at Comics Experience -- think again, comic geek. Tomorrow night's festivities are by RSVP-only. Not to fear: fashion conscious fanboys or girls can secure a reservation by talking to any sales associate before the event. Remember that ID if you want to sip it like a superhero, too!
Got plans to bolt over to your Bloomies tomorrow? Or just want to brag after the party's over? Cool with us, so visit our Back Issues and dish some good Gotham gossip! And when it comes to your holiday shopping, please don't forget the Dabbler!

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