04 October 2009

The Art of SuperComputing

At your home and at the office. In a phone booth. On the subway. Even in the John. People will approach you anywhere if you've got a well-decorated desktop. While their boring screens stare Windows back at them, they'll secretly be envying your originality and wondering where you found a great graphic that, frankly, they don't even understand.
SuperComputing, or the artistic use of comic book icons and other graphic imagery as a form of DI -- desktop individualism -- is the ultimate expression of your post-modern palette. Abbracadabbling is dedicated to nurturing your inner-artist. We want to help you become the next great SuperComputer -- today. Follow the links below back to their source and not only will you be on your way -- you'll be glad you did.
Wallpaper Linkage
Batman 'Bat-Suit' Emblem
Batman Forever in 3-D
Dead Superman Emblem
The Legion of Superheroes
Abbracadabbling offers a very special thanks to Joe McClean a.k.a Wolverine080976, the ultra-talented artist who created the Batman and Superman emblem wallpapers on the blog today. All these and more are available on Joe's Deviant Art page. You can pay a visit to Deviant Art yourself by right-clicking here. All characters and images are copyright DC Comics. Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Batman created by Bob Kane.

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